Friday, November 04, 2011

Second Line, Anybody Know About It?


          First line.
          Second line.
          How many lines are there, actually?

          Early last September
          I was on first line.
          Only now I know the jargon.
          But since yesterday
          I'm now a second liner.
          I have been up-graded!
          But nothing to be proud of
          Not to be too happy about (haha..).
          But to be a second liner like me
          The Specialist (Dr. Wan Zalina, for the record) 
          could not decide for herself.
          She has to refer me to a 'second line' Specialist.

          How many lines
          are there, actually in the medical system
          (note: if anything wrong happens, blame 96% 
          of it to the system. It's in the book.)

          Anybody know anything about it?
          Is there doctors on standby or on call
          for facebookers and bloggers?
          The Health Ministry should do something about it.
          They should improve the system.

           Wad 9B, Selayang Hospital
          the second time (but now on second line)
          since Thursday 3 November 2011
          (looks like I'm celebrating Raya Aidil Adha, 
          this year, coming Sunday here..)

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